Indian cuisine is known as one of the most aromatic in the world. India, being one of the largest country with varied culture which gives the opportunity to experience various trails of authentic food. One common theme is the layering of different spices that create a rich flavour in every taste. Like much of Asian cuisine, it combines different combinations of sweet, sour, savoury, and spicy in its many vegetarian and meat-based dishes, combinations that you will experience and learn to replicate on your cooking tour in India. Culinary tours in India surely promise you a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.  India cooking holidays generally include veg dishes and non veg dishes but if you are strictly vegetarian then the trip can be organised keeping in mind the preference. Culinary trip is a real fun, it’s not only learning cooking but also gives you knowledge to choose and pick up the right spices along with their thousand years of Ayurveda benefits. During your cooking tour in India you harvest food with a local farmer, or sit down to dinner after preparing it with your new friends. Along the way, you’ll experience everything from bustling cities buzzing with activity to tranquil rural countryside untouched by modernity. Our Indian cooking vacations include accommodations in deluxe hotels, hands-on cooking classes with local chefs to explore the regional cuisine, cultural excursions with knowledgeable guides, and of course simply amazing food.

Be it the cooking of North India or coconut delicacies of South , we promise you will fell in love with the cooking and mesmerized with the aroma. Visit Indian house and learn their traditional dishes. Eat with the family . you may also Enjoy day trips and street food tours with locals, eat at restaurants that no tourist would ever find. All these with the help of an international chef who will also teach the cooking classes. End off at a fine dining restaurant to see how you experience the unique tastes of Indian local food you may combine culinary trips with the yoga session, after all India is the origin of Yogic practise.. indulge in the authentic taste of some of India's most famous culinary traditions – ranging from Mughal, Rajasthani, and the Portuguese-tinged flavours of Goa – while feasting with locals in family-run restaurants, rural homes, or in temples. We can’t imagine a better way to enjoy India than by satisfying your body, mind, and soul!

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