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We travel, not because we have to but because of how it makes us feel. While traveling, we find independence, forge life-long friendships, rise to meet challenges, and discover who we are and fall in love within us.

We do exactly that with our specialized tours for women, give that extra moment in time to absorb the ethos of a culture, heritage. We arrange for knowledgeable guides who answer every question, reiterate every piece of information to your satisfaction.  Enrich yourself from the cultural intricacies of Cholas in South to Rejuvenate in Himalayas in North . We take care of everything so you can just relax and enjoy your holiday.
We take you to amazing and exotic places  
Some trips are more cultural, some are more adventurous, ALL of them are fun.
From cooking classes, to drinking tea and chatting with the locals, to trawling the markets for exotic treasures, to enjoying gin and tonics as the sun sets over the desert! This might be a scenic hike in the mountains, or a camel ride into the desert, or even a fun raft trip.
We make sure you have interaction with the local peoples to really get to know them and how they live.  Travel in a more authentic experience. . 

When traveling with other women, you won't ever feel lonely or excluded - it is an encouraging and supportive environment, where you can let your hair down.

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We are a strategic partner that offers a wide range of destination management services, personal attention and inmeasurable long term commitment.

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